Whether this is your first experience of Driver CPC or you are starting on your second round of training, we are sure you’ll find our courses both informative and enjoyable.

Having helped over 5000 drivers acquire their Drivers Qualification Card, and now boasting six regional training centres across the Midlands & North West, we can safely say that we are one of the country’s biggest Driver CPC training providers.

With courses running six days a week, almost every week of the year you can choose course dates to suit your needs. You can select individual days or block book a full week’s worth of courses.  The choice is yours. We can even take phone bookings on the morning of a course, providing you are still able to make the start time.

As a JAUPT approved training centre (Centre Approval Number AC01507) we are delivering a regular programme of accredited Driver CPC Courses at all of our centres.

Whilst we know that your attendance on the CPC course is a requirement and not a choice, we appreciate that you do get the choice in who provides your training.  It is for this reason that we ensure that our course are constantly revised and updated to ensure that they remain accurate.  We also ensure that our instructors continue to improve their skills and knowledge.  Currently the vast majority of our instructors hold a minimum of an operators’ CPC qualification, with several holding a DGSA certificate and many are approved ADR instructors or DSA registered LGV instructors.

Our courses are all individual ‘free-standing’ modules; they can be attended in any order and over an extended time period, be that one each week, month or each year.

Course fees are currently £65 per day – that includes VAT and all DSA upload fees.  Certificates of attendance are provided at the end of each day and your Driver Qualification card will be automatically dispatched to you approximately one week after the completion of your fifth day.

On-site Courses

For those companies with a larger workforce, on site courses can be arranged at a cost of £35+VAT+DSA fees per candidate (minimum 10 candidates per course). Discounts are available for larger candidate numbers. Onsite training is available 7 days a week to suit your requirements.

Do I have to sit the modules in order?

No. The modules can be taken in any order, In fact the current set up by the Government allows you to take the same module five times. For obvious reasons we do not recommend this – it is your course and we want you to gain as much from your training as you can.

Does the price of £65 per day include upload fees?

Yes everything is included. Unlike some organisations, we do not look to give you a low price only to add VAT and upload fees later. £65 is the total cost for the day, inclusive of VAT and upload fees….and no, we don’t charge for pen and paper like one company we have heard about!

Dip your toe in the water.

Understandably there has been an initial reluctance from drivers to engage with the Government’s introduction of Driver CPC. Some drivers have been unsure of a return to the classroom and their ability to sit for an entire day! We have had a number of people book just for one day, to then realise that with regular breaks (tea / coffee / biscuits provided) and the opportunity to mingle with fellow drivers, the experience isn’t so bad. Would it be too far to suggest some sceptics have even enjoyed the courses?

General Feedback

Drivers have been genuinely impressed by the suitability of our training venues and the professional manner in which the courses are delivered. We have also worked hard to ensure the course syllabus is relevant and informative, resulting in every driver leaving the course with a much enhanced knowledge base.

How long does the course last?

Each day is 7 hours’ worth of training, with a morning, lunch and afternoon break. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

Is there an exam?

No! Gaining the Driver Qualification Card (DQC) is purely attendance based – there is no test. Attendance is sufficient to gain the DQC.